Friday, August 20, 2010

From Hoosiers to Huskers

Yes, it's true, we moved. We're not Hoosiers anymore; we're Huskers now! Nebraska isn't a place a lot of people want to move to, but Kent was from here and it's captured my heart over the last decade.

Compared to NW Indiana, it's less populated and slower paced. It's a great place for me to focus on God and my boys. I like NW Indiana and my house there, but the bittersweet memories of the area and especially the house were a constant reminder that Kent's not here anymore.

A lot of pondering and praying went into this decision. We've wanted to move here for awhile now (even before Kent passed away) and God opened a door for it to happen. I trust God's leading here and believe a fresh start will be very healthy for us.