Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's All About Him

Today was the annual "It's All About Him" Sunday at Bethel Church. It's all about Him all the time, but these annual Sundays are a special celebration of the supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things. This message always reminds me of the anthology of Jesus Christ through the entire Bible that the pastor shared a few years ago:

Genesis - He's the Ram at Abraham's altar.
Exodus - He's the Passover Lamb.
Leviticus - He's the faithful High Priest.
Numbers - He's the bronze snake that heals.
Deuteronomy - He's the city of our refuge.
Joshua - He's the scarlet thread in Rahab's window.
Judges - He's our Judge.
Ruth - He's our kinsman Redeemer.
Samuel - He's our trusted prophet.
Kings & Chronicles - He's our reigning King.
Ezra - He's the faithful scribe.
Nehemiah - He's the Rebuilder of everything that's broken.
Esther - He's Mordecal sitting faithful at the gate.
Job - He's our Redeemer that ever lives.
Psalms - He's our Shepherd.
Proverbs & Ecclesiastes - He's our wisdom.
Song of Songs - He's the beautiful Bridegroom.
Isaiah - He's the suffering servant.
Jeremiah & Lamentations - He's the weeping prophet.
Ezekiel - He's the wheel within a wheel.
Daniel - He's the fourth man in the fiery furnace.
Hosea - He's our lover forever faithful.
Joel - He baptizes us with the Holy Spirit.
Amos - He's our burden bearer.
Obadiah - He's our Savior.
Jonah - He's the Missionary to the entire world.
Micah - He's the Messenger with beautiful feet.
Nahum - He's the Avenger.
Habakkuk - He's the watchman praying for revival.
Zephaniah - He's the Lord mighty to save.
Haggai - He's the Restorer of our lost heritage.
Zachariah - He's our fountain.
Malachi - He's the Son of righteousness.
Matthew - He is Christ, Son of the living God.
Mark - He's the Miracle Worker.
Luke - He's the Son of Man.
John - He's the door through which we must enter.
Acts - He's the shining light on Saul.
Romans - He's our Justifier.
1 Corinthians - He's our resurrection.
2 Corinthians - He's our sin bearer.
Galatians - He redeems us from the curse of law.
Ephesians - He's our unsearchable riches.
Philippians - He supplies all of our needs.
Colossians - He's the fullness of Godhead in bodily form.
Thessalonians - He's the soon coming King.
Timothy - He's the mediator between God and Man.
Titus - He's our blessed hope.
Philemon - He's a friend closer than a brother.
Hebrews - He's the blood of the everlasting covenant.
James - He's the Lord who heals the sick.
Peter - He's our chief Shepherd.
John - He's the tenderness of love.
Jude - He's the Lord coming with 10,000 saints.
Revelation - He's the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.