Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After a very public trial with my husband's cancer and death that was documented on a family website, I have vacillated for months about whether or not to continue blogging. I actually started a new website to encourage young Christian widows last summer but wasn't emotionally, mentally or spiritually ready to share my life as one, so it was removed from the Internet.

Upon the completion of converting our family website into book for my three sons this past February, it's not on the Internet anymore either. Since then, many people have asked if there is still a way to share our story with others going through a similar trial.

So, after a lot of pondering and praying, I've decided to resume blogging. While this blog will offer a window into our life as we continue to heal from our loss while persevering through widowhood, single parenting and fatherlessness, it also includes Kent's story and health history, my story and our story as well as encouraging resources that have blessed us through these trials.